Terrible things people post on social media




tl;Dr - DiS is a time-sink full of links to an attached time-barrel.

Edit: JFC, @shyguy2013 - that’s next level. :smile:


we have a winner


Everything that’s going on here pains me


Thank fuck it’s all in the right place, frankly.






this is violence to me


1 bake = 1 respect

Never mind the message, the most unfortunate thing is the logo:


this looks exactly like Norman Osborn’s apartment from the Spider-Man game


This isn’t terrible, but… people are sometimes very easily pleased aren’t they. Look at the numbers on that


FFS. Why?


at a complete loss here tbh


probably half the views are people going ‘look at this shit people share on the internet’

but yea, fucking hell


everything about this is absolutely brutal, lots of people naming the kid doing the bullying, where he lives, threatening his family etc

TW: violence, bullying


i am aware this is completely wrong but as someone who was bullied in primary school i really can’t bring myself to feel much sympathy.


aye i don’t think it’s that uncommon for your first instinct to be “fuck em”, but he’s still a kid eh?

feel even sorrier for the victim obviously


at the risk of my inner tory coming out, i keep thinking about how i was at 14/15/16, and i have to say i would never have fucked up some little kid and waterboarded him while sharing fash memes on facebook. i think sometimes we think under 16 = not responsible in any way for what you do. not true, clearly.

i would hope this kid learns something from the event and grows as a person and stops being a horrible racist little prick, but i grew up surrounded by LADS like him, so going by how they turned out, i’m not holding my breath.


ofc i’m not okay with the doxxing and the internet vigilantes trying to get the kid beat up, that’s not on at all.


agreed, he’s clearly responsible for his actions but from the information that’s come out about him and his family it sounds as if he’s hardly had the most stable upbringing.

no doubt he’s acted abhorrently but the whole “trial by media” thing is fucking grim, especially when it’s kids that’re involved