Terrible things people post on social media

  1. That apostrophe shouldn’t be there
  2. That space shouldn’t be there
  3. The word should end in ‘selves’, not ‘selfs’

Three grammatical errors in one word. It’s impressive really.


Might as well have just mashed the keyboard with all fingers.

  1. Let a car in front of you in traffic.

Rogue landlordery knows no bounds!


Sorry I don’t get it, why would santa say that?

Also no burglar in the history of time has broken in by going down the chimney.

Am I too dense? Is this by Steve Bell?


I can’t work it out, is it a pun on elves??


Haven’t got the foggiest


To be frank, I’m incensed by this grammar, the author’s had an absolute myrrh


At least we’ve finally got an answer for The Tamperer ft. Maya.




Golden punning!


Probably more heavy handed satire than terrible.


But the reply is great.


People posting daily updates on those fucking elf things are the worst people of all time and for some reason I was intrigued to see how an old friend of mine could have quite so many photos of them on 3rd December so now instagram keeps showing me more and more elf photos.


Elf on the Shelf?


My sister got one for my niece and her dog ate it.


Yes. There’s tons of articles about how you can escape the trouble of doing this “tradituon” every night by pretending it’s got a broken leg or whatever. Just don’t buy into it. I know Christmas is hugely commercial and I still buy into that but this is really recent and loads of people seem to have the elf hide gifts every few night too. What a massive expense. And this year there’s a girl one so of course you have to complete the set and but her now too. Aaaaahhhh. I hate it.


What a good dog


You could just have the elf naughtily brutally decapitate himself on 1 December.


This is one of that genre that I love slash hate

Where they seem to have found a newspaper cartoon with an obvious joke and thought “I know I will take it upon myself to make it more accessible and thus funnier because the joke will be even more obvious very good yes”

The worst one I saw just added some really annoying internet-ish phrase like “you only had one job, Lionel” to make a passable comic strip just loathsome beyond belief


my kids are absolutely loving it. yeah it’s commercial and annoying and people take it far too seriously, but they are well excited each morning to come downstairs and all their friends at school/nursery are chatting about it too. i’m not keen on using it as a way to discipline/control them though. like the whole ‘if you’re naughty then santa won’t come nonsense’