Terrible things people post on social media


As long as you don’t post 3 photos a day of the elves then that’s fine with me.



yeah that’s not good. we don’t really social media the kids at all. not posted anything about the elf apart from on here. I guess if you’re going to talk about Santa and presents then it’s a nice way to extend that and make December quite fun. One thing to note though is that the storybook you get is really bad.


I’m sure by the time she gets to school and I can’t hide these things from her any more we’ll have an entire family of sodding elves


Our kid’s teacher has one and the whole class were going mental this morning trying to find where it had moved to


Yeah my son’s class have one as well!


It is one thing for it to be a source of private family enjoyment. It is another entirely to broadcast it smugly on social media. Like most things.


Oh my god just checked Facebook and a family of samoyeds I follow have announced one of their puppies who they’ve been posting videos of since the summer has died :sob:


Just realised I posted this in the wrong thread, although I guess it is a terrible thing that’s happened. :broken_heart:


My mum bought one for Jimbo and we told her that we didn’t want it. I don’t want him being paranoid about what he’s up to and to think he’s being spied on. He should be learning about doing right and wrong for the right reasons, not because he thinks he’ll do better at Christmas as a result.


Elf on a shelf surely can’t be considered any kind of tradition! Anything that wasn’t a thing a few years ago surely can’t be a tradition


I was unaware of it until last year when there was all those ‘you’ve heard of elf on the shelf now here’s…’ memes and I had no idea what was going on.


Only ever heard of it on here


Still don’t really know what it is


Clue’s in the name mate


This is brilliant though


Being 46, I hear this a lot from my peers, and it boils my piss every time.


The kids in my class suggested we get an elf on the shelf and I said no obviously #scrooge


It’s a great reply, but it means we’re talking about Piers Morgan again, so he’s got exactly what he wants. Could we have a Morgan-only thread and set it so that nobody can read it?


Great news: we already have a Morgan bot!



I’m 33 but even 10 years ago I had friends moaning about Kings of Leon - Sex on Fire, not due to its quality, but because they didn’t like it “being played in clubs next to fookin’ Britney Spears.”

Even if I was in the edgiest band in the world I’d love to get that popular, so I could have the biggest possible opportunity to be subversive.