Terrible things people post on social media





I agree with you on that one for sure. I hate pop snobbery.


“let someone cut ahead of you in (a/the) line”

Over my fucking dead body. Not while there is breath in my lungs or the tiniest flicker of pulse in my veins will I let any fucker queue jump.


All from the same account. Which does post brilliant photos of Clitheroe’s past. I’m just a bit worried about their present.



I swear that’s the boss’s house in Ex Machina


Yeah it’s not on is it, for the sake of people behind you in the queue, and enabling the sociopathic behaviour of the jumper


oh come on




Is this a wind up?

I really can’t tell.


They’re serious!!
They’re likening it to using racist, homophobic and ableist language!!


I can’t tell either
people are so annoying


that’s insane, it’s a totally different kettle of dish


It’s this kind of bollocks that the PC Gone Mad brigade just love. It’s like a red rag to a hull.


it really gets my coat


Didn’t they spout stuff about cow’s milk causing autism? I guess a leotard can’t change its spots.


Holy meow this has annoyed the heck out of me.

Wait, is meow still bad? Poor cats.


I tried to feed a fed horse and it kicked me in the face…


Its Peta so probably real!

Grab a flower by it’s thorns made me chuckle though


Laughing like a Hyundai?