Terrible things people post on social media


Surely feeding a fed horse is a pretty anti-animal thing to do?


most birds would probably have a hard time digesting half a scone as well


They’ll feel sick as a fog!


Quite like this for some reason even if it doesn’t work at all as a metaphor.


I fucking hate PETA so much. They are the SOLE reason I don’t discuss veganism with…basically anyone. Twats.


They’ve opened up a real can of sperms there


I actually don’t think this is that crazy a concept, though their counterexamples could use work


Beat a dead horse?

Fuck off.


I quite like “bring home the bagels”


I’d rather someone brought me bagels than bacon and now I want some bagels.


“Feed two birds with one scone” makes no sense, killing two birds with one stone is quite difficult, but a scone could feed many birds. Only feeding 2 seems cruel to other birds.

And it doesn’t even sound the same


I don’t really want to have to call vegans a howling great pack of fannies but I’m not sure what choice Peta are giving me here.


It’s fine. Stop fussy footing around.


Haven’t PETA been in trouble recently for hanging around with TERFs, or am I confusing them with a similar organisation?


Great bunch o’ Chads


Peta make me want to eat live puppies.


No idea tbh. I find only a small number of vegans/vegetarians are into peta and those are the ones who do weird protests

File with vegans who liken animal slaughter to the holocaust.


nobody has ever killed two birds with one stone, unless you jist straight dropped a rock on two chicks or something



everyone in PETA is a double agent from the meat industry. I started typing that as a joke but from there to here my conspiracy theory gland has gone wild