Terrible things people post on social media

Aye, am not a graduate, so anything beyond that is definitely out!

really, viscerally despise the ‘what about Syria’ takes that tend to follow after tragedies like last night. very tempted to go in on someone on my fbk timeline who always does it. instead i’m going to vent here. it might be done with the best intentions (actually doubt it is), but i think it actually makes them look the opposite to how they think they’re coming across. it points to an empathy deficit to take something like this and make some ‘i’m the smartest person in your fbk feed’ point about it. at the very least it could wait, i dunno, 24 hours? fucking muppets.


people who aren’t exactly alt-right, but have watched, like, one paul joseph watson video one of their dickhead friends shared, and now have one phrase, like regressive left, or virtue signalling, that they just use ALL THE FUCKING TIME

sometimes you need an insensitive dick to vocalise it


Yeah, that pretty well nails it.

Yeah, I’ve had one of these. He actually made a crass joke first then deleted it.

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sharing a photo (not even screenshot) of a facebook post is fucking unacceptable, regardless of content


“please rethink if you are going to Ed Sheeran” is pretty good advice though, tbh tbf.


Old school friend posted this lovely poster on fbook

I usually don’t bite on these things, but couldn’t help myself with this one

I mean besides the language of the poster, Hetero Awareness Month!!! Gimme a fucking break!

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Is this meta? Definitely one of my least favourite type of FB update, yeah :wink:

yes, yes it is.


Sup with all those clocks, man


Was this morrissey again?

theres no hard and fast rule, I use common sense and human emotions to make an assessment

Dont leave us PM, you’re the best xx


my aim wasn’t to make you cry, you asked me a question.

edit: nevermind, saw your other posts, not worth getting snippy about it, apologies.

fucking homophobes can keep their shit ugly fonts

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