Terrible things people post on social media


It would honestly explain so much


Can’t wait for vegan St Helens and vegan Warrington


Yeah I assumed that’s why you put it here. :cry:


When I saw that image doing the rounds I knew it was either

  • The same 4chan wankers who turned :ok_hand: into white power symbol trying to make ‘liberals’ seem like they’ve gone too far, or
  • PETA, because they seem to have become their own self-parody

Sad to see it’s the latter.

I’m also with @ma0sm I guess. I mean I can see how using language like this will reinforce the idea that animal lives aren’t very important but it’s such a shit way of framing it. You can make that point without making yourself look completely ridiculous. Fucking PETA.


Sometimes I think you should just give us your Facebook credentials and we can trawl your timeline every time we want to see some fucked up social media shit…


I just think it’s fucking bullshit to be like “well remember when you all use racist language that you now can’t use? You’re gonna look back on the animal idioms you use and be ashamed too”

First of all ANIMALS CANT SPEAK OUR LANGUAGE. The reason bad language is bad languages is because it offends people. It is nothing like being racist towards someone. Nothing at all.

Secondly, you’re not actually beating a dead horse. You’re not actually killing 2 birds with one stone. You’re also not using these phrases and being like “yeah fuck animals, the dicks! Let’s eat them all the time or beat them up!”

Thirdly ahhhh why am I so angry about this



Dunno how he gained so much weight. Hasn’t even touched those crisps in 17 years

Eating them now would make him thinner if anything


I mean if they’ve implied the animals hear these terms and are upset then I’m a bit mystified what they’re smoking back there in PETA HQ. As I saw, I just presumed it was about human attitudes being shaped by language that implies animal lives aren’t important…


If they think those are bad they want to hear me talk to the cat when she’s acting the dickhead!


That’s actually 9/11 he’s watching on the 2001 TV, the weight gain is a symptom of his despair at how the world since then. Banksy does it again!


I often go “oh you little bitch” whenever she gives me a little swipe


But what are they implying when they’re likening it using racist language?


Maybe Peta saw this and thought it was a good idea:

(I’m sure someone posted this on here before)


It’s as shit an analogy as likening animal slaughter practices to the Holocaust but I took it to be a point about how the language we use to each other shapes our views. Racist language certainly does do that in terms of hate I guess.

I mean I stress again there seems to be a gulf between what I see as reasonable point of discussion buried within that list of phrases and alternatives, and the clusterfuck of how they are presenting it.


Dude needs some new furniture. Must be looking pretty tired and/or dated after 16 years.


Also, no mess of wires behind the TV? I don’t think so! FAKE NEWS!




Sorry, I can’t, as if I gave out my own profile it would probably make people see a cute cat pic I shared in 2012 not noticing the author was “Campaign for an English Jihad - NO SUE RENDER.”

(My mum and dad have been on for five years but never once read their timeline due to fears they’ll make this mistake)


In the way of things, since posting an announcement of my engagement on Facebook back in autumn, I’ve been fed adverts for wedding venues. The latest one I’m getting is for this place…