Terrible things people post on social media


I’ve seen a big increase this year on social media in otherwise nice, open minded and liberal friends getting annoyed about “people being too offended/sensitive”, “PC gone mad”, “snowflakes” etc. The majority of people posting these complaints have actually been women, from not very privileged backgrounds. Say what you like about Baby It’s Cold Outside, Misery Business, the ban on grid girls, mansize tissues, or whether Apu is a dodgy stereotype, and I know people who sit in a difficult halfway house with trans rights as “Yeah it’s fine for people to have gender reassignment to do what makes them happy and trans women are women but you’re either male or female, pick a team, I don’t get this gender-fluid/neutral stuff”, but we are reaching a tipping point in society and it’s going to tear the left in half between those focused on identity politics and those on community politics.


why are they crying laughing because they have three generic items next to their bed?


I’m going to use ‘bring home the bagels’



Yup, definitely terrible.


Funny Fucker Rudolph :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Sexy Mrs Claus :mrs_claus:



Every single word of this is like a shard of glass slotted underneath my fingernails.


Expect a brexit/potter analogy hot take within the week


Really disappointed that National Trust Land isn’t a theme park

Haunted stately home where you get eyeballs in the mulligatawny at the quaint little cafe and that


I keep reading it in Rivers Cuomo’s voice


hahaha I came here to post this exact tweet


Good to see the stupid prick has found his intellectual level.


this raises so many questions


Iran would just get the same people on tinder 33,333,333 times so it would be an unwise investment on their part. Just really need the one account.

Or are they saying that the Iranian govt should pay for a tinder account for every Iranian?


I would hope I’d manage to meet someone before running up 33,333,333 months of subscriptions.


And also i will not condemn any tunnel if it is structurally sound and obeys building regulations, the IDF are on a hiding to nothing here.


Alright, Mick Quinn