Terrible things people post on social media


Woah the replies are even worse. “Man City fans lol”


actual fucking state of this

dude who posted this is 30 years old, 31 in january.


What… …is it?




I could get USED to this!


oh he does this for every post, writes a huge essay


Where do these people find the time/get the energy? What’s the return on that investment? Baffling.


Tbf his alternative was probably to WhatsApp Bella saying “fancy coming round my shed and getting mashed?”


i will share the worst one he ever posted with a massive TW tomorrow if the coward has not deleted it. i know i should unfollow but i am hypnotized by his terrible posting.


And just discovered ecstasy. Bookmark his shit and get back to us in six months when the comedowns start getting bad, will ya?
(Also, people still say PLUR? How cute /jaded).


My favourite parts of these generic horny stoner ramblings is that they usually drop some insane opinion in the middle of them, like there was no holocaust, Estonia doesn’t exist etc. Feel cheated this guy didn’t do that.



And just discovered ecstasy

i like how there’s a fatboy slim reference in there too


Impressive how much Facebook is starting to look like MySpace during its death throes. Twitter next, please.


The ideal endpoint for social media afaic is for everyone in the world to have a WhatsApp group

Share all memes and that


this is from instagram, which is supposed to be for the more discerning shitposter smh


i have found and screenshotted the worst post he ever made but i am saving it for the 1st of january to ensure it is the worst thing you will read in 2019


I want to claim the prize for the most depressing post in this thread. Most of them above are individual idiots. This one is reflective of where we have all found ourselves now…


The bit about Italy and Venezuela tho


yeah is he saying those places are too good for the bella? i can’t work out what he’s driving at.