Terrible things people post on social media


Thought you left it on a bus m9


I don’t know why but I don’t actually believe them. If they’re giving with one hand they’ll be taking away with the other.


NHS yearly budget around £110bn, this adds another £5bn, so just over 5% in 4 years time. Isn’t this lower than inflation?


this is a teaser for the actual worst thing by the same guy. he fancies himself a writer. he wrote a book about nazis winning ww2. state of that. oh my god.




first off: wha

second-of-ly: it looks like he’s being massively hypocritical / wording the male-female double standard of oat-sewing-mega-stud v. slaaaag but as if he’s proper original and Beat Generation to have come to that idea (can’t tell bc it’s incomprehensible tbh)

shrek the third: of course we’re dealing with the sort of person who says “the Dumbledore line” as if everyone should know what that is (I’ve read Harry Potter, seen the films, and genuinely like Harry Potter and I don’t know what this refers to)

proving that i know my harry potters - dumbledore, aberforth: wha


bit of sick in me mouth there, m73

imagine describing yourself as a professional, I’ve just realised that’s even worse than “I’m a creative”


Is this Robert Harris?



Such punchable faces, each and every one of them.


shouldn’t have opened this thread in this state


Admitting they’re European


here it is as promised

this is his idea of an obituary


That last spoiler was a punchline as delivered by Muhammad Ali


Also big fan of “tomato with loudspeakers”


The impression I come away with is the reason he can’t forget her is she had a fungal infection.


you know when people try to be dead clever and end up daft, with a smidge of casual ableism in there for good measure


Social norms you would like to break down



It’s a measure of an observable astrological event. I’m irked.


“Bet if I’m smart about it I can get away with using this racist insult”. Dickheads like this on the left hiding behind superficial wokeness, no prizes for guessing a middle class white cishet male wrote this.