Terrible things people post on social media


Now I’m really thinking about it, I’m irked that the C isn’t from Snickers. Why invent a C in the Mars font?


And the B isn’t the B from bounty cause the bounty font is white not blue


This whole thing is a fucking sham! It’s like when people say “Oh you know Erinsbrough is an anagram of Neighbours” and you’re like “yeah, that makes sense”. Bullshit!


Oh man I’m so dumb


The comments section on the BBC Doctor Who roundup was the most gammon I’ve ever seen. Two also said the repeats of Porridge were the best TV over Christmas. Hmmmmmmmm.


I.e. Matthew Johnson from Hookworms. Which is why I will be a lot more discerning and scrutinous this year in who I trust on political social media. Creepy fake male feminists should be thrown in the bin from day one.


Wow, what a life.
I envy this man.


Er. I think the new year should be classed as Astronomical mate. Although I guess astrology probably claims some crazy shit about Mercury rising on a New Year meaning we’ll all turn into cats in the year 4000…


I went to his site. It is fucking painfully unfunny. Unless it’s a kind of Wolfcastle?


He’s Wolfcastled himself


just saw this ad


The Amnesiac one kinda works tho


Even knock off hoodie manufacturers hate King of limbs eh?


refuse to believe she isn’t some elite level irony poster and we’ve all fallen for it


those things where you’ve got screencaps of tumblr conversations are basically like when people talk really loudly on the train bc they think they’re really funny

which admittedly i have done before




Few musician friends have shared that. #9 really grinds my gears for some reason.

Also they seem to have very narrow likes. Seems to be that it only counts as music if it happened before 1990 and has guitars.


I love that those are the top 10 things

As if they had to narrow it down by way of a public survey


[starts an Oasis tribute band once]