Terrible things people post on social media


‘sleep well my funk soul sister’ is gonna be the new thing I say this year


you’re a mermaid minx. let’s get pickled


yew yew



— Mr Piano.


that’s what they used to call me anyway


Can’t get over the fact this was published by the legitimate source of JK-approved HP canon. Can’t stop laughing.


actually quite like this for that reason

why the hell would they bother installing the plumbing?


The Romans had fucking plumbing!


confused looking thru that Twitter account.

Is Pottermore basically Harry Potter-themed Buzzfeed now? No wonder Harry Potter fans are this extreme when they’re enabled to this degree


So you’re in mid conversation with Professor McGonagall’s great grandmother and suddenly her expression looks a bit tense and she surreptitiously starts to point her wand at her puckering arsehole?

Saturday morning thread

If you take Music out of Musician you’re just left with Ian #makeuthink






People doing Twitter is essentially ancient Greek philosophy except it’s youth people not ancient Greek people


FO, M.


I thought music made the people come together, and, somehow simultaneously, music made the bourgeoisie and the rebels.


Not seen one of these for a while…



Still waiting for TKOL 2 so they can release a full tracksuit