Terrible things people post on social media


I think i can guess, but what’s your specific objection to this one?


It’s just a terrible attitude of telling people how you should enjoy books. If you want to make a case for something then do do but don’t imply that everyone needs to be as rich as you etc. It’s more likely to put people off being into books than encourage them IMO.


Cheers, figured it was in that ballpark, yeah.


Also the absolutely stupid notion that a book that “sparks joy” means a book somehow has to be happy or cheerful or something?


Yeah totally although I haven’t read the piece/seen this TV show and maybe she’s explicit that only happy books are worth keeping. I mean this may be a reaction to an equally stupid commentary on books but it doesn’t excuse it obviously.


Pretentious twat Twitter has really got a bee in its bonnet over the whole decluttering books thing.



My Seitan Burger Wasn’t As Greasy As I’d Hoped



The Sandwiches Look Better Than This (But It Is Still Very Nice)


I keep seeing ok content on Tik Tok. Is tik tok getting better or am I feverish.


It’s hit or miss



:triumph::triumph::triumph: I do quite like that verse though.



Think I’ll stick that on now.


My lammington was too large and had no jam filling.


Oh Andres…


if I ever sincerely describe anything I do as a side hustle feel free to make assassinating me your side hustle cheers

like I’m saying sincerely in case I say it as a joke having forgotten I made this post

don’t want to be sniped out of foolhardiness


Holy fuck.


This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever read


No surprise it originated in the US, the world’s stupidest continent.