Terrible things people post on social media


The steak was a bit grisly


Yeah, a Spanish sportsman I have been a very major fan of for ten years did the same today. He was already on a ‘benefit of the doubt this time but not again’ from an incident a few years ago so now, nope, over. Don’t care how much of a ~tradition~ it is. Multi-millionaires with international careers don’t get to play the ignorance card.

I’d say I need to find someone new to support but tbh I don’t trust any of them enough. I guess I’ll go for having a few riders I root for / want to see do well (not him, obviously), but I won’t ever consider myself a ‘fan’ of a celebrity/sportsperson again.

Not quite sure how I’m going to feel when the MotoGP season starts again, because it’s hard not to be in awe of his riding :confused:


But seriously, it was posted by this friend who’s a brilliant human being - he just trusts too much in social media as a force for good, activism and curing all diseases rather than a racist uncle-detecting Catchphrase “diddleiddleiddleiddledir” sound


What are they supposed to be depicting (as well as racism, cringing lol.) Is it something from Spanish history?


It’s an Epiphany celebration, they’re supposed to be the Three Kings, it’s more of an event in Spain/Latin America (often including blackface, sadly)


“Side hustle” sounds like something David Cameron would make up on a visit to a rough secondary school pretending to like hip hop.


Social media things I want to see less of in 2019 (a rolling, non stop thread):

  1. Terrible puns an eight-year-old could invent celebrated like they were Oscar Wilde.

  1. Procrastination glamourisation.

  1. Self-righteously speaking for old people as if they all yell at clouds.

  1. No comment necessary. Apart from “I know I’m in the 1%” being a pretty funny gaffe.

  1. Mumbook/Dadbook edgelordery


yo mbph



These might be the only 5 nominations I make all year tbh,

I just wanted to kick out all the jams early.

Yeah, I apologise anyway as my caption for 2 slightly contradicted 1.


Erm… I’ll just post this for now. I might have more to say about it later.


I don’t really even understand what he’s on about them doing with him and Mark B


I loved Mansun in the 90s but Jesus, what embarrassing dadsplaining.


Is he trying to create a Piers Morgan/Vegan Sausage Roll style internet conflict?

Whatever it is, not sure it’s a good idea.


He’s deleted it now.


He’s part of a chunk of forty/fiftysomething 90s indie (especially Britpop) personalities who are currently choking British popular culture by:

  • Believing their music is still the dominant youth culture force despite their current sales being three men and a dog - on the vinyl charts.

  • Their “taste freeze” habit fuelling the above and refusing to believe there’s been any good music made since about 1997.

  • A particular “that’s not REAL music” insecure snobbery towards other genres, especially anything “pop” or “urban”, and non-“blokey” guitar music. Draper seems suspicious of the 1975 because they’re very popular with teenage girls, also explains Noel Gallagher’s “I’m not havin’ Jay Z at a ROCK festival” nonsense. I have news for them about the rise to fame of four Liverpudlians you might have heard of in the 60s…

  • The key cause of the decline of 6 Music from a breath of fresh air to a fart of stale gas you can smell at 25th anniversary reunion gigs and tacky retro festivals like Shiiiine On who seem to think music began and ended with Burnley my

Key offenders include:

  • Ian McNabb.

See also: “Wellends”/the guys who


Peace and fucking, believe