Terrible things people post on social media



Refuse to believe this is a thing.


Please repost this I can’t read it because it’s greyed out and won’t ungrey


This is perfect. I said I might have more to say about it, but I don’t need to now, because you’ve phrased it much better than I ever could. I’m 46 myself, but have no time for this regressive bellendry.


He posted a photo of the pub table where he’d just been interviewed by (I’m guessing) Beaumont for Record Collector magazine - covered in empty glasses. Someone commented asking which were his and he replied “All of them?” lololololol Loved Mansun but I get a serious David Brent vibe off him these days.


Sorry, posted that too early, went off in my pocket.

Quick correction: tacky retro festivals who seem to think music began and ended with Dodgy, Cast and the Bluetones.


Also that post was nothing to do with Burnley - think I’ve just got my wires crossed from giddy posting in the football threads.


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I can’t get over this, its truly wonderful. That this person exists in the world is amazing to me


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I think you’d have to go to Paul Weller gigs for the acid test, but I’ve had several people tell me they’re very real.

Middle-aged white Englishmen who look and dress like Weller, especially his hairstyle and mod clothes, but more tubby and clumsy, and have reactionary attitudes to any music that isn’t made by middle-aged white Englishmen with “proper” instruments. Also very UKIP. Which is odd considering PW wrote The Eton Rifles and Walls Come Tumbling Down.


Their sons also make up the “proper lads with proper tunes” rowdy section of the current Kasabian, Liam/Noel Gallagher, Stone Roses, Courteeners and even Arctic Monkeys fanbase:


It’s only because everyone used to say I created too many new threads.


There was a bunch of these #lads at Hainault the other day. Bit sad that the most interesting thing about my hometown is that it’s now where Proper Haircuts go to die.


They were probably pretending it was a Loaded editorial meeting.


He hasn’t deleted this, though. What a plum.


I mean the first place I’d go to find @Parsefone is definitely a Paul Weller gig! :smiley:

FWIW these guys are just mods aren’t they? Or whatever scene Weller was a part of - I don’t really recall the names. They were always about in the 90s too. Just people into past fashions. Classic of the genre.



My shite-o-meter is off the chart






None of them are wearing poppies :triumph: