Terrible things people post on social media


whats kym marsh doing there


Courtney Cox is dead!?


The guy from Cloud Nothings at the back





Didn’t know Neve Campbell was dead…


thought it was Moira from Emmerdale


Some thoughts :

Love the attention to detail involved in remembering that hendrix was left handed.

Weird how there are no women in heaven isn’t it?

MJ looks… Coquettish? :thinking:


Oh Christ, that’s meant to be Jacko? I genuinely had no idea, was trying to work out which woman it was - was guessing a really bad Winehouse.

Like how Freddie appears to be a jock putting nerdy Jimi in a headlock.


MJ looks like the older girl you had a secret crush on when you were small.

Lennon looks like hippy Wolverine.


Can’t tell if this is meant to be serious and terrible, or some tongue in cheek joke and they’ve got me to post it, or what. It’s impossible to tell these days.


Those ads in the paper for one of those retro indie festivals really make me cringe.


Who’s this beautiful woman with a lovely voice? It’s Michael Jackson.


And the soundtrack to their lives in heaven?

The theme from Animal Hospital.


Influenced by mod but not really mod, seeing as originally ‘mod’ was short for ‘modernist’. Which they were in 1959-63 or so, before it all went mainstream.


Wellends are everywhere, count yourself lucky if you’ve never encountered one. One at my old job used to make it his business to take anybody to task on outward displays of non-proper music taste. Once caught me at the coffee machine on a day I was wearing a Taylor Swift t-shirt and said “Are you wearing that for a bet?”, just gave him a withering look like “go away you creepy old loser, I’ve never spoke to you before”. Another one used to be on the same train home as me every day, he got on at the first stop and would routinely make a big thing of giving up his seat, always to an attractive woman about 30 years younger than him.

Go to a pub with a jukebox and there’s a high chance there’ll be a couple of them strategically stood supping near it and butting in with unwanted feedback whenever somebody uses it. I don’t fuck with jukeboxes normally but when I see this I have to perform my civic duty of queuing up an hour of Cardi B.


forgot that he had eyes tho


I imagine that it was all based on individual photographs of them all. So no memory of his left-handedness would be needed. Just copying what he sees.


I like how Hendrix died choking on his vomit so he has to spend all eternity being choked as well.


And now he has elephantiasis