Terrible things people post on social media


The worst thing about this is where it says ‘tactically’ instead of ‘tacitly’


At least they all look happy.

Except Freddie and Jimi - looks like Chrissy Moltisanti capturing a rival gang member, who, in extremely poor taste, looks like he’s just had a dodgy 16" doner pizza.


Didn’t see this before my last post, but my thoughts exactly!


I’d happily queue up 24 hours of Cardi B!

Next time NGHFB tour or Oasis reform, I’m down at the front head-to-toe in Jay-Z gear.


There were apparently loads on that Manchester/West Yorkshire ale trail a few years ago. A friend said he overheard one saying “Morrissey? He’s a left-wing fookin’ poof” :grimacing::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:


what the fuck


I can’t even fathom how far gone you have to be to consider Morrissey to be left wing. Christ alive.


The state of these guys


It was only as long ago as September 2016!


A ‘poof’, on the other hand…


Well yeah I’m obviously not down with any homophobic slurs, but standard bigotry sadly not surprising for the type of regressive blokey prick in question. Just expressing shock that somebody would consider an open Nationalist and Islamaphobe to be on the left.


Can someone with more artistic talent than me draw a Wellend-outraging parody with Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Gaga, Carly Rae Jepsen and Ava Max?


Unless he meant Neil Morrissey - Bob the Builder is down with the unions, y’all.


Yeah, exactly. My point was that it’s no surprise that something thinks he’s homosexual.


Hardly a stop-the-press exclusive, but Morrissey’s vocal, controversial right-wing views often seem desperately tactical, like it’s a defence mechanism to distract from the lifetime of grappling he’s had with confusion about his own sexuality.

I often think that too about Eminem’s mad lyrical homophobia.

I don’t know, I think he definitely does have a mild form of autism. I’m not excusing anything hateful he’s done, but as someone with Asperger’s, I can see why bigotry and misanthropy would be catalysed by a struggle to respond with balance and context to emotional triggers. I can get very anxious and it can feel like chalk squeaking down a blackboard even on absolutely tiny quirks of people’s voices when my mum pronounces “warm” like “harm” - Morrissey bangs on about Sadiq Khan not clearly pronouncing the “g” in “winning” or something. But I don’t end up turning these anxieties into a character assassination of my mum based on crude stereotypes of her cultural heritage.

Maybe it’s a struggle with pattern recognition, maybe it might not be too late for someone in his circles to talk him out of this bigoted path? But unfortunately even without the racism allegations and allowing for the wit people loved him for in the 80s he’s still often come across through the years as a very unpleasant individual who just plain doesn’t like engaging with other humans.


This is all far too nuanced and balanced for 2019. I’m going to have to call you Blairite Scum or something now to redress the balance. :slight_smile:


While writing that post I listened to both Baby It’s Cold Outside AND Misery Business


are we to assume that Piers has never eaten a vegetable before or what?


This isn’t a criticism of you for sharing this, but I wonder if we should have a belated collective New Years resolution on here not to share or mention anything involving this tiresome attention seeker.


love this line