Terrible things people post on social media


I had to watch this, and now you do too.


Does he really sing “this is not a policity stunt” at the end there? I mean.


Remember when he gave the go ahead to hack a dead girl’s phone and now he’s on the tv doing this? ahahaha, oh mercy.


But enough about mpbh…

Forgot the :wink:



I was looking at this thinking “well, I guess she could be seen as stylish” before I spotted it.


When you see it on twitter the image preview crops out the bottom of the page.





That is…wow.


The expression “Dripping with Freedom” is making me laugh and laugh and laugh. Don’t know if it’s sincere or ironic, it’s great either way.


You remember that time a few years ago when we invented gay people?


A wet bullet is such erotic imagery, obviously.


I thought it was a pen. This is much worse.


C3P0 getting a semi.


This is pure It’s Always Sunny fantasy


He’s such a needy opportunistic baselesslt contrarian bellend

Imagine being that brazenly needy and yet also insisting that you’re the last bastion for masculinity in an age of snowflakes

He needs to get shot out of a cannon good and proper


And diabetes

I like that this is the sort of person who probably says people nowadays are too easily offended and yet they do that piss weak censorship job on the word arse


How the hell did you become FB friends with Andrew Dice Clay?


I couldn’t work out why anyone would let a pen get that wet.