Terrible things people post on social media


Oh my god please reply to the tweet with this, I guarantee a like


Done and done.


Worst comedy post ever. But best heavy handed satire ever.


There’s a guy I did my journalism course years ago and kept in touch with on Facebook, at the time he was a massive clubber / into pills and that, over time he became gym obsessed and got into body building and shit, now his latest thing is getting into property development, he’s going to all these seminars about how you can make mad cash from buying houses and turning them into HMOs, posting positive energy on his timelime and shit, asking people to contact him for more info… feels like a terrible MLM scam, except with fucking property instead of yoga leggings or protein powder.


“Loads of people have been asking”

No mate, they really haven’t.


found this :thinking:


The next tweet was them apologising for spying on him and trying to smear his reputation, obviously. Right? Right?


very standard arc, that


Not terrible but the other night about 50 Italian tattoo artists started following me on Instagram. I wish I knew why. Should I post more Italian content to amuse them?


Has @Antpocalypsenow seen this song?


Have you got a particularly specific handle on there? A mate of mine has a last name that’s also a verb and used it cleverly in her Instagram name. It was fine until a popular TV show in the States started named identically to her Instagram name so loads of people just assumed her Instagram was part of the show.


Nope, it’s a Hop Along lyric. Doesn’t sound like anything in Italian


Hop Along are great and I loved their album this year. That’s all I can add here, although I guess maybe an Italian Hop Along fan tatooist might use a lyric as the name on their parlour to make it sound really cool?


Right wing man on Instagram strikes again

And then issues a ‘no u’ response


I sure haven’t


This could not fit the bill more, narratively all over the place, obviously all bollocks and terribly written.




Have you ever ‘heard a gulp’ in real life (your own excepted)?


Nope and I’m pretty sure one has.


How funny, I was in the same restaurant. Had a nice plate of the Didn’t Happen, with a so-so side order of the Grasping for Numbers.