Terrible things people post on social media


There was a kid called Adam Egg who used to play football in my league and when he scored would have A. Egg in the paper. Good stuff


I heard about him once ages ago but don’t know anything of him other than a username. Weird how positive the response is from everyone “take them down from the inside” lol.


My response is: Get the best education you can get, mate - and I’m as far left as you can get - so long as you don’t lose your urge to fight the system.


you are frank turner and I claim my five pounds


Yeah, fair dos. It seems to be the perfect twitter pile-on.


One of the comments in that thread talked about a hilarious bit on the Mash Report

Definite bot


Nah, no one should be going to Eton. Don’t get why he’s been geting so much support tbh, he’s going to an institution whose raison d’etre is literally class warfare. Far as I’m concerned he’s a scab.


In fairness to whoever this is (not aware of the account) dunno any kids who had a choice in where they went to school

but then again I don’t know any kids who went to eton i guess


He got a scolarship so I assume he must have willingly applied to go there (and he seems pretty happy about it on twitter)


I’m gonna listen to the descendents


i feel like i’ve definitely seen this in this thread before but a friend just shared it and ffs


A train I was on broke down recently and me and another man were going to the same stop so we got a bus together. He asked me about my job and I said I do reading research with children, and he then proceeded to go on a long diatribe about how he hated that we couldn’t hit children anymore and how it was part of what made him what he was today and so on. I tried to be as cool as possible in rebutting what he was saying, I just got called a soft millennial who doesn’t live in the real world. It was a really long bus journey.


don’t get offended at the things I disagree with

Chinny reckon


wish there was a better way of just ending bad conversations that doesn’t cause further problems. think this is something we should work towards as a society.

like maybe if you give someone a business card that just says ‘no’ on it. it wouldn’t be considered rude.


here’s a clubnight i’ve just seen an ad for on facebook




Fully agree with this:

I mean, look at this shit.


Surely there are far fewer than 1000 hours of the office. Why would the bot need to rewatch episodes?


Also if it was just watching, how would it know about stage directions and character descriptions? If it’s being fed these too, why would it write “Dunder Mifflin Orifice” when every script it examines would obviously say office.


It’s starting to look like this guy might be a liar.


You’ve blown the case wide open!