Terrible things people post on social media




I hope she gets plenty of “new phone who dis” responses


Don’t call anyone at 11:51pm.


elite coke brain here


That’s a melodramatic and over the top tweet but you know what? I stand up for Amanda Palmer on just about everything. The reasons why would take a lot longer than I have right now, but there it is. There’s far, far worse examples in this thread and whatever people think of her (at the very least, I think she has made some brilliant records), she’s really not the enemy.


She’s married to Neil Gaiman and I’m not. She’s my enemy.


fair dues to the Pope bigging up those religious segments from On the Hour


These Instagram ads honestly


Period Thread #SSP


Report it lol

I’ve done that enough that my Instagram only advertises me food nowadays.



finally! (semi serious)


I think the 1000 hours is a giveaway that that guy is openly lying there, though. I mean it’s his riff on the first Tweet, the fact this stuff is always just bollocks, no? There can’t be more than about 140 hours of the show.


Isn’t it “fair dos” not “fair dues”? Do I only think that because I heard Americans say it and they can’t pronounce ‘due’ properly so it sounds like ‘doo’? Fuck…


There were just over 200 episodes of the US Office.



Episodes were 22-42 minutes long. I was just guessing about 2/3 of 200 hours there.

I can’t work out if I’m missing something or ‘There were over 200 episodes of the US Office’ is some meme reference I don’t know and thus I am being wolfcastled.


Surely the whole ‘1000 hours’ thing is just to fit the meme format and no-one has literally forced a bot to watch 1000 hours of the Office? Or indeed anything, because there isn’t actually a bot?

(Again, acknowledge possible wolfcastling)


That was meant to say ‘There are just over 200 episodes…’ agreeing with you.


Yeah sorry, I didn’t want to continue too far down this rabbithole, it just looked to me like the example being given was in fact the opposite.


Ah cool, no worries.

I probably should have listed the number in the original post. What I actually did was check Wikipedia and saw the 200 episodes and roughly calculated the hours based on assuming the majority being 42 mins, and just put that up there for simplicity :smiley: