Terrible things people post on social media


Oh I know, I was just sorta responding to the whole concept. Anyway we all agree I think and that’s what matters.


Man that’s a terrible advert.

Why have they said that they love seeing her using the product in the gym? Obviously they want to tag the influencer (urgh) but what a horrible form of words they’ve ended up with.


Ha! Just imagining her changing one mid-plank


the core strength that would take would be admirable! :laughing:


and it’s like yeah cool we know but we don’t need to carry TWELVE towels with us to go do a plank.

it’s probably a good way to stop men talking to you at the gym though so…


Interesting question (probably not interesting):

I’ve been asked out twice in the gym (about a year ago, just prior to meeting the gf). Is it ok for ladies to ask men out in the gym? It would obviously be a massive no-no the other way around. I know women want to feel safe in environments like that, and it’s different, but I feel pretty vulnerable myself in my short shorts all sweaty and gross.


Might take a full shaving kit (razor, foam, towel, aftershave, etc.) with me when I go climbing. See if I can become an influencer.


No idea i’m afraid, never asked anyone out in the gym. I think it’s meant to be a good place to meet people but honestly fuck that. I roll out of bed and go with no make up on and have a beetroot face so i’m not exactly putting my best self forward in that environment.


FWIW I don’t think it’s a massive no-no either way if you naturally hit it off with someone. Is it?

It’s a massive no-no to be a creep, obvs, or bother someone who doesn’t want to be bothered, but if a convo strikes up and you’re getting a good vibe, I think it’s fine to ask someone out at the gym.

I don’t go to gyms though, so this could be complete horseshit :slight_smile:


That’s the photo I had a half hearted look for to illustrate how awful she is. Supposed to be her onstage reaction to hearing that Bowie had died, isn’t it?

I don’t know, she’s very creative, very independent and all that, which are obvs great qualities but she just seems so howlingly narcissistic and self important that it puts me right off. Plus the “I’ve just raised a million dollars on Kickstarter but I’m going to ask my guest musicians to play for free” thing of course.


Merely pseud-baguette


I’ve been thinking about this a lot today. Why is it poo-coloured? Why does it look like a strap-on? Why is it way bigger than a half-size baguette but way shorter than a full-size baguette? I’ve never seen French people buy only one baguette and I’ve never seen anyone from anywhere else buy nothing but one baguette - so who is it for?

I’m confused by this product.


this is clearly a great thing


Oh god lads, it turns out I joined Twitter in January 2009. What a shitty New Years ‘rezzo’ that one was! :smiley:

Still, the state of this

The Tweet doesn’t even make sense. I don’t remember, it’s just Twitter telling me. It doesn’t even include my first Tweet which might make it vaguely interesting.


Loads of people have mentioned that they got this pop up today.

Was there something in particular that caused people to sign up at the end of January 2009?

EDIT: Just in time for this!


I’ve been wondering this for years now, please post updates if you find any.


Must just be fucked I reckon or a load of early Tweets got binned up to a specific date maybe.


did everyone get their 1st smartphones for xmas?


Twitter was an absolute nightmare to use on smartphones for the first few years, so probably not