Terrible things people post on social media



Good to see Brazil still backing Fernando Haddad


I’m still not quite convinced it’s real


If it’s fake it’s arguably even more terrible


that actually looks more like Jed than it does PM


The post-truth era we now live in makes this quaint oh dear story farvmore doubtful


Oh wait - I didn’t click the link and assumed it was this tweet:

Seems to be a glut of weird ‘fake’ tattoos going on


It’s “do’s” apparently


I knew it! Been letting the “dues” pricks get away with it unchecked for too long.


A leftist page posted a picture of a homeless man who froze to death. Swift un-like.


Holy shit


I always suspected Fogle of being fash. It’s the hair.


Definitely a weirdo.


A stupid restaurant here in Melbourne copping heat for call their burger pop-up joint ‘Pablo’s Escoburgers’

Here’s their ‘famous’ Patron burger for reference (look at how clever they are with the garlic flour line atop the burger)


and here are their messages on the social media to the criticisim -

AND this -


One of the worst parts of this is that they seem to think it’s somehow a good play on words.


Come on, there’s a B in it!


“cost too much to change the signage now mate”


“Some of our best friends are Colombians!”

Fuck right off.


“Hard not to offend someone in 2019”



Don’t usually agree with Trump mums, but…