Terrible things people post on social media


i don’t know why people get into keeping score when discussing horrific events


Thought Ash Sarkar made a good point about this here


that bottom couple shouldn’t even be allowed to have kids


like they could’ve just opened a bar


Right! And they could have called it Publo Escoburger!


as you’re near them, feel free to drop in and suggest my foolproof idea of saving their arses





an A&E dept. dedicated exclusively to scag-related emergencies in males that plays Pavement’s ‘Pueblo’ constantly on a loop for some reason


Think they’re twins, m8, not a couple.


Wow. Baddiel is able to find antisemitism in fucking anything. His mind is twisted.


i don’t even know what Baddiel is saying here.
probably not worth the effort of deciphering.


I don’t know your background obviously but this comes across as quite insensitive. I think that as he is jewish he’s probably quite well placed to tell when something is anti-semitic and it’s not really for people who aren’t, such as me, to tell him he’s wrong.


He appears to be saying that calling anyone a white supremacist mass murder who isn’t Hitler is automatically unconsciously antisemitic. I think I should be allowed to say that that is obvious nonsense. Because it is.


One of the very recent trends I’ve seen is people looking at history and pointing out faults based on modern behaviour. Not going to get drawn into Churchill, and I certainly don’t hold him up as a paragon of Good, but there’s no point trying to demonize anything that happened <50 years ago (especially in wartime, ffs), just as the fetishising of them isn’t particularly helpful.

Far far easier to sit there revising history than do something about the current problems. Pathetic.


When the architects of our current problems are eulogising him it is worth pointing out what sort of person they are holding up as an example.


I get that

Its still a monumental waste of time


I think you can reasonably politely disagree with him, but you didn’t - you said he can find antisemitism in anything and called him twisted. Insulting a jew for being, in your view, oversensitive about antisemitism is not ok in my view.


I’m not insulting him about being sensitive about antisemitism. I’m stating a fact that he’s finding antisemitism where it does not exist. He’s weaponising antisemitism against anyone who disagrees with him, personally or politically. That is antisemitic in itself.


There is a point when people are painting him as a hero, surely? Even at the time some of his actions were despicable by then-contemporary standards.


You’re not the only person entitled to an opinion on what is anti-semitic, and, if you’re not jewish, in my view you should take a step back when people who are are expressing an opinion like that, because it’s something that affects them more than you and that they probably know more about it than you. If you are jewish then it’s not so insensitive to say what you did obviously


That’s a good basis for talking about these things in general (or just butting in like I’m doing) but it’s worth pointing out that Baddiel kind of contradicts himself:

instinct to highlight, correctly, the not-talked-about-enough suffering of POC

‘we should talk about these things’

[they contain] unspoken critique of the conventional sense of the singular evil of The Holocaust

‘of course if you do, you’re anti-Semitic’

Talking about the Bengal famine etc doesn’t minimise the Holocaust just because you aren’t talking about it in that particular moment, I agree with PJ on this one - Baddiel has produced a terrible take here. Not sure what comparing the Holocaust to Churchill’s crimes adds to the discussion tbh


I guess if I get wrapped up in this conversation any more, I’m wasting my time just like all these dweebs who are deciding to pretend they would have a) done it differently and b) had a better overall outcome.

As such, I’ll bow out and you can consider yourself victorious.