Terrible things people post on social media


Haha no idea where you’re coming from on this. But fair enough! It’s not a pissing contest.


I don’t agree with you about baddiel contradicting himself, but it’s not really about that - it’s ok for someone who’s not jewish not to agree with his accusations of anti-semitism, but only while being respectful that he has a lot more experience of it than them, which is not what I felt happened in this case.


A friend has started a public Instagram account for their 18 month old child and is posting updates as if the child has written them. They’re using loads of hashtags so obviously want to generate followers. I’m really irked by it, I know everyone thinks that their child is wonderful and special and fascinating but it feels weirdly irresponsible to me.

  • It’s fine
  • It’s weird

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It’s not fine but it’s not weird either in these times we live in.



Reckon they can see the snake/rock tbh


Should just those laser eye beams to kill the snake and cut the rock into smaller bits


Neither of them appear to care that the floor is just off frame. Just let go, you idiots!


Someone should help that poor snake


They’ve both very clearly got their eyes closed. Checkmate.


Not sure what’s going on here but I took this (senstaional) photo in Berlin in 2015.


They deserve what they get for ending up in such a ridiculous situation, pair of thick twats.


Where did the stone come from? How did she get down there? Why didn’t he yell out when the stone landed on him (which must have happened with her already over the edge)?

So many questions!


The guy seems to have also shat himself real bad. Not a great look all round.


is he his parent’s third child by any chance?


i am that idiot, mates

Brexit Thread w/c 04/2

ive no idea whats going on here


james bloodworth got mad and called me the R-word, james ball liked the comment, i asked him to explain himself, other people piled in, he tweeted that^, he got ratio’d. it’s all very dumb and terrible and a waste of your time, it’s perfect for this thread.


Are you calling yourself out for posting terrible things on social media?