Terrible things people post on social media


The replies to this are great :ok_hand:


Tesco now appear to be just spam tweeting randoms


Really quite enjoy the cringe of corporations using twitter for “engagement”. It’s always shit.


This is so shit that it’s great.



A friend shared this today. This is why the terrorists have won.


The “I’ve survived terrible circumstances and am wiser for it” meme / copypasta trope is genuinely awful.


"that man’s name? it was

[help me complete the joke i have nothing here]


lol james ball has lost the plot, oh my


Somebody posted a whole bunch of rage comics from the late noughties on twitter. Read this one, then stared straight through the screen for a good 30 seconds.



However I found a Reddit page about this


(The actual link in there goes to this showing it’s designed to fuck with Reddit people or something



Anyway, full marks if you can sit through the whole 2m45s trailer here

The guy actually touches her while trying to reassure her about talking about sexual harassment. Un-fucking-real.


David Lynch what the hell.gif




Don’t compare your kids! One is a gas giant and the other is a lump of grey rock, incomparable!!!


He clearly didn’t understand the assignment


Yeah, they aren’t going to employ a large guy to play one of the Dwarves, even in panto.



The assignment was arse


what happened to this man omg