Terrible things people post on social media


Is he 9?


all the money in the world and this is how he spends his time, then sells a stand up show about getting mad online for more money. not a bad racket i guess.


Has he ever mentioned that he doesn’t care if he offends people?

Because he doesn’t. He doesn’t care so hard.


Every day my dislike of Ricky Gervais gets further and further validated


“Hi, is that the photography studio? Ricky Gervais here”
“Oh wow, Mr Gervais! Loved you in the Office”
“Yeah, I am a comic genius after all. Are you available for a shoot tomorrow? Need to get some shots of me dressed as Churchill”
“Ooh, for a new project?”
“No, I’m going to put it on Twitter to show how little I care about offending people”
“Oh right. Um, do you need a costume?”
“No, I already bought one. Wasn’t cheap either!”
“Right. Hope you don’t mind me asking, but why are you spending all this money on something you don’t care about?”
“Ooh, you sound triggered. Have I offended you with my offensiveness?”
“Well no, it’s just…”
“Ooh, I have as well. God I’m talented. How much is a photographer, anyway?”


He like a less likable Jeremy Clarkson.


I love the first reply to one of those:


I have never noticed that. Does he ever use the word “butthurt”? That usually marks someone out as rational.


Remember when he hosted the Golden Globes and he had a beer on stage (he drinks) but it was in a daft little straight glass and he looked stupid.


“excruciating pain” but bravely took a photo with his other hand



Holy shiiiiiiiit


want die


Is that peak mansplaining?


Is peak what they call the top of the vulva?






The ink made it taste disgusting



Oof. Check out the walking dictionary here.

‘it requires more than just having just a man who is explaining something. Even if some in the audience are women.’ - no pal, that’s it.

(hang on have I just mansplained mansplaining? aaggghhhh)