Terrible things people post on social media


Quick poll. What’s the sexiest of the two terms?

  • Vulva
  • Vagina

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‘Ooooh you’ve got a lovely vulva’ is the first thing I say when I’ve got a lady naked in front of me.


Hulluva vulluva


Lol fucking hell


That guy is definitely fully aware of what he’s doing and just out for attention, yeah? I really hope so, I just don’t think I could cope with such a massive chump actually existing.


“We want you in our venue longer so you buy more beer :)”


Maybe he’s just really passionate about vulvas


I’d define it more as a man explaining things to women who are more knowledgeable about the subject/treating women as if they are ignorant, because they’re women. But then if we go by that definition, he’s mansplaining even harder, because he’s arguing with an expert. [No, Nick, I will mansplain mansplaining :)]


I believe he is simply an absolute weapon


Also sort of impressed by him not wanting to ‘legitimise’ the term mansplaining because he clearly feels it’s not good English,while making the fact that people misuse vagina as the central pillar of his “why I am right” bullshit.


Is he advertising something? Usually when something goes this viral it’s a ‘clever’ advert. Or just advertising the fact he’s a weapons-grade idiot?


Surely there has to be something in the manner of explaining that is condescending or patronising?


keeps doubling down doesn’t he, ego wont let him back down even when a gynaecologist weighs in.
what a tool


No, because one of the reasons it’s sexist can be the assumption that the woman has a lower level of knowledge about something than the mansplainer in the first place.


Reckon a man trying to explain the difference between a vulva and a vagina to a female gynecologist is inherently patronising


he definitely will be at some point, coz hes only got half a dozen followers or something


I think a man explaining to a female gynaecologist why the correct term for the female genitalia is in fact wrong is the most mansplainy thing possible.


A man trying to explain le tournoi to a female gynecologist is pretty patronising imo


Yes, but the statement “it requires more than just having just a man who is explaining something. Even if some in the audience are women” is true in and of itself.


Maybe, but it’s also completely irrelevant to what’s gone on before it. And is him trying to tell people why they are wrong by saying he was mansplaining, when they are not wrong, obviously