Terrible things people post on social media


Holy shit

Genuinely kind of comforted by on going Brexit coverage in comparison to whatever that was


The retweets and likes on this. He’s such an embarrassing man.


When we get to a certain amount of posts I reckon we should have a vote or something to decide the actual worst thing posted, because off the top of my head I honestly can’t think of one worse than this.


One for the My Vitriol heads out there



Not social media - but look at the state of this error message I just got on a website


Good fucking lord.


would love it if that was the error message for some hideously bleak and functional website like the hmrc one or the local government one where you report missing wheelie bins or something.


Discord does this type of shit as a matter of course, and I hate it so much. It’s bad enough I’m forced to use your services so that you can harvest all my personal data, you have to talk to me like I’m four years old too?


it’s a fairly dull one - Smart Spending, a work perk sort of place where you get discounts on shopping vouchers and stuff

It;s jarring as there is nothing else particularly cutsie about the rest of the site


I used to work for a start-up that did clever clever high-end data shit for big, corporate clients, and they couldn’t understand it when I said that all their error messages and waiting messages being references to Sim City and other games wasn’t sending the right message about us.


That is loathsome.
I used to work for a company that had a similarly twee error page. When I said it was insulting to users’ intelligence I got told I was wrong because it ‘helped develop our brand identity’. FFS


Nothing helps develop a brand identity like a broken website.


Sweet fucking hell


This humble bragging insta post has enraged me


That a couple of empty beer bottles middle right?


Doesn’t look like somewhere someone actually lives though. No signs of life/personality.


its someone’s actual home


It takes a dedication to mess to change your name by deed poll to a big splodge of orange


the chairs point away from the telly.

it’s a furniture catalogue.