Terrible things people post on social media


Looks pretty cluttered to me. Far too much stuff in that room.


Hope the telly catches on fire.


I can’t tell if we are agreeing or disagreeing :grinning:

The fact that this picture perfect home is being used in the context of “LOL look at me and all my clutter” is what makes this a terrible post


I don’t think we’re doing either, but definitely sharing the horror.

For me, it’s not close to a picture perfect home. It looks cold and boring. Too many tables and at different heights, shit chairs, camouflaged mantlepiece… eeeeggghhhh.

And yes, sharing that to say it’s cluttered is pure wank. I found the original and she got the attention she wanted “oh, your clutter looks stunning” etc.


you have impressive internet detective skills (or just know how to use google image search, I’ve never mastered it)


I just googled the caption in speech marks.




Are we going to talk about the giant male torso, or


I have done a few press ups this week, thanks for noticing


TW: all of it


Get them straight on the fucking bin ffs


unfollowed now but i grabbed those last night, to remind myself of the horror


what the hell is this?




Ahaha holy shit


even got a harry potter reference in there


This is just someone who went on holiday being a total pseud right?


this is the insta account of a guy i used to go to 6th form with. he moved to thailand about 8 years ago. now does these really long effort posts about how awesome and amazing his life is, kind of a “revenge of the nerd” type deal for the benefit of girls who rejected him/people who thought he was weird way back when. sick. desperate. car crash stuff.


Absolutely awesome. Particular highlights: “I didn’t Melvin Bragg any Roger Moores” and “Peter Pan can play Tarzan so long as Wendy and Jane keep a distance”. All the depth of a puddle.


reads like a rorschach monologue from watchmen