Terrible things people post on social media


Fucking hell :joy: the Harry Potter hashtag and everything. That is fucking stunning.


snatching them likes and followbacks any way he can i think


jesus christ trevor


He’s not a communist he’s a very naughty boy!


Is this the same fucking MDMA guy you linked to a while back? Or a completely different twat?




Fuuuuucking heeellll


I can’t think of anything more helpful to add than your comment.


friend sent me this via twitter, fucking hell


Yeah I’m not watching that.


Worst social media platform?

  • Twitter: Public shaming, complete lack of nuance, full of cunts…
  • Facebook: Argumentative groups, interchangeable baby photos, Zuckerberg…
  • Instagram: The most vapid, fake, lifestyle brand-obsessed humans on the planet all in one place.

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facebook encompasses all other evil. it is a super evil, from which all cunts flow. i think people are reluctant to say this because they find it difficult to stalk their peers on insta and twitter which encourage the use of colourful pseudonyms.


I’m saying Twitter just because that’s the one I have the most exposure to and it’s insufferable, but in terms of its reach and power to do evil Facebook is easily the worst.


All much of a muchness isn’t it. As an organisation, Facebook has to be the worst. For its ability to create pain and suffering, Twitter has got to be the worst for me. But as something that I just plain don’t understand the appeal of and which I despise every encounter I’ve ever had with it, Instagram.


instagram is inoffensive, there are pretty pictures and cute dogs doing funny things. doesn’t reach even minor levels of evil compared to twitter and fb.


owning that many tarantulas looks like a cross between busywork and imminent death


Although Instagram is part of Facebook so…


i think you’re mistaken i would have heard something about this


never understood the appeal of owning tarantulas, altho this dude’s video are pretty interesting tbf