Terrible things people post on social media


On Instagram you can follow a niche interest or what your friends are doing and some funny pages and that can be it. Twitter and Facebook seem to make encountering awfulness unavoidable.


The adverts I get on Instagram are for local builders and paving/roofing companies and that’s as unwanted as it gets.


facebook just seems like a bunch of proto-lynch mobs and people posting “sigh” or song lyrics as status updates. cesspit.


It’s Twitter by a landslide. Absolutely poisonous place.


I wish my ex-colleague was being satirical but they’re not

(I so rarely even see them in my timeline. Thankfully no one they know has reacted to this at all in 9 hours so…)


Made a rare trip into Facebook, someone shared this, ON A MONDAY MORNING.

Most of these franchises are still active today ffs


The ‘we all look at our screens and miss real life’ shaming makes me fucking rage. :rage:


Do you think they’ve ever actually seen Fred Flinstone before or did someone just describe him to them down the phone?


As heavy handed as this is, I do feel guilty of acting like this sometimes. Maybe I’ll take it to the dadsnet thread


Was trying to remember if there was a Flintstones Babies cartoon or something I’d missed


I get this but fundamentally kids can be pretty boring. I often just have Kindle open when playing with her because she just seems to want a very small amount of input from me, often saying what she decides anyway…


Twitter has some of the worst queer-oriented takes I have seen in all my life.



6 grand on a phone?


Rich people famously don’t pay for their shoes.


Must be the previous generation iPhone.


34 big ones for a polo shirt, well lah di dah


Doesn’t even fit, the rich idiot.


I think you’ll find it’s just six dollars.