Terrible things people post on social media


You’re opinion?


Hard to disagree with him really


wtf is that yellow quiff creature


A Gummi Bear. They bounced here and there and everywhere as I recall.


i thought it was supposed to be a cartoon robin hood :joy:


Interesting how the intro plays down the effects of the gummi wine juice.



This was posted by someone who saw James live about 12 times last year and is very excited at getting Shed Seven tickets.


Still counts





Have we reached Peak O’Brien?


What is this shit?

Like Steved said the rich guy apparently doesn’t pay for most things. Uber privilege the doctor.

Like Aggpass said the prices are not indicative of what “poor” people pay and are inflated. A working class person might have paid a lot of money for some clothing or accessory but they also buy their clothes from Primark, Topman and Old Navy.

Thirdly and most importantly and this has been true since the days when middle class people bemoaned working class people who had Sky TV, is that “poor” people spend their money in a narrower fashion than rich people. They buy expensive phones because they spend a lot of time on their phones because it’s a large part of their lifestyle. £50 a month is what it costs them. They’re not eating out three times a week. They’re eating out, at chain restaurants, three times a year (or whatever). They’re not taking a summer and winter holiday, they’re gonna spend a week in a caravan next summer.

Fuck this doctor. Fuck the artist. Fuck rich people.




This is shit but fine


Who the fuck is still making chiptune in 2019? Maybe they can do a dubstep remix while they’re at it.


Chiptune Will Never Die But You Will


ur shit but fine


I know


guys. guys i found more old screenshots. of his stories. do you want to see them. do you want to have a terrible day. guys.


I wish we had an education system with separate subjects.