Terrible things people post on social media


I have absolutely no knowledge of him other than the fact that he shared that pic, but based on that alone I’d bet a substantial amount that he is not a real doctor.


Just one that tested anything other than climbing skills would do me.


I do.




They would’ve illustrated that point if they hadn’t had a truly exceptional fish who had already managed to climb onto a tree stump

Just raises the pressure and expectations placed on other fish


yes pls


the opening track of OK Computer needed a redraft or two


Muggle: Reads another fucking book.


*minor women’s whiplash.


Why do people who like Harry Potter also pretend they like books and reading when those 2 things are very obviously mutually exclusive?


Hufflepuff: Reads a good amount, not so much but also quite a bit.

Actually hurts to read this sentence.


The whole thing seems like a moot point bc

  • Wizards / witches could just magic the content of the book into their brains at lightning speed
  • They could just use magic to possess woodland creatures to re-enact the events of the book in an entertaining theatrical performance possibly in a forest clearing


and @manches-brute here we go

aiming for slice of life here:

this was his thoughts on christmas post. he hashtagged crucified here, and he isn’t adopted so idk wtf he’s on about:


somebody’s biggest influence is having read Jack Kerouac’s Wikipedia entry


Can imagine trump describing himself like this


Like matt goss with chess


Really is immensely proud that he’s had sex a few times, isn’t he?


Can’t help but read these in the Rowley Birkin QC voice, which I doubt is the impression he was trying to give.




For every Oliver Twist there’s likely ten Tom Marvolo Riddles…

Harry Potter is a communicable mental disease, isn’t it. Just an absolute certainty it will appear in the drivelings of the feeble-minded somewhere.