Terrible things people post on social media


A friend of mine does - he hacks game boys and gets the sounds out of them.


really would love to get into this sort of thing


If you do, don’t tell @Epimer or @Steved


I’ll make my own chiptunes with blackjack and hookers


This has just reminded me of the canonical Harry Potter fact that wizards used to shit themselves


lotta respect to JK for that Andy Kaufman-esque long game


I’d love to imagine someone like Tolkien building up this detailed universe of lore and then just capping it off with something about self-defecation


Hobbits holes can’t have modern plumbing if you think about it


The last song has a whole stanza about the elves’ love of watersports. He puts it in just to check they’re being read, suspicions confirmed when nobody even notices


Not modern plumbing no, but it would be reasonably straightforward to install some sort of latrine system dug beneath their holes, flushed through with water from above to a septic tank/soakaway or something.


Do elves shit


Lembas bread does a real number on the old innards




I have always loved using “magic” as a verb. :slight_smile:


I was forced to watch the films a while back. I was told by the very young people also present that there are all these exemptions where magic is now allowed to be used. For no apparent reason other than it would ruin the storyline, I guess.


It’s the best innit




Fuck me


oh god


Fucking hell mates.