Terrible things people post on social media


Wow. I have to say that I really like stouts and porters and other black beers. And I do find it annoying that they’re rarely on sale compared to all other types of beer and ale. But the reason is that people simply do not buy them in sufficient quantities. If my friend’s pub puts on a dark beer, in the case of cask beer the barrel will be taken off sale before it’s empty. It’s gone off before being finished. It’s true that people don’t give them a try when they probably would like them. All fair enough points - if written in the right way. And this most certainly is the wrong way.


I don’t drink them because I’m racist, personally.


Definitely smashed and probably woke up thinking he must have dreamt being such a complete moron:



Based in San Diego, so that would be about 9pm their time. So he (and it’s clearly a he) posted that from a position of relative sobriety.


Are Twitter timestamps not still all set to PST?


Ooh, hark at Mr ‘I’m still sober at 9pm’ over here


This is very classist and I’m slightly ashamed, but at university PST stood for public school twat.


Oh my fucking god


Just went to see if the post was still there. It’s not, and there’s a long post in its place. It’s an apology of sorts, which doesn’t make pretty reading (because even though he’s clearly a tool, I can’t take much pleasure from seeing someone ruin their own life) and a lot of the comments aren’t exactly sympathetic…

Apt name, anyway.




Not actually hilarious at all really, just a dad being a terrible dad.


Gervais in ‘being a boring cunt’ shocker. Why are people still encouraging him.

What series are you into on Netflix?

Christ. Surprised roisin conaty has taken that gig. Normally a big fan of hers


Are you offended? He doesn’t care if you are!!!


Unpack this.


Only the strongest will survive… a tour with embrace


Ha! I just remember them using that very song to advertise The Sun so… you know.


had never even heard of this before

look at these fucking cunts


Weird. They have these all over the place and I like them. But I’ve never seen one where everyone is angry and actually fighting. It’s usually just a very dull and frustrating looking game of rugby with headlocks.


Just remembered this beauty.