Terrible things people post on social media


:smiley: good grief


Have you had a look at any of the other posts? Some absolute yer da posting other people’s photos and somehow 20k followers?!


‘A Girl Called Sally Productions’ has done me :joy:


I don’t know how that managed to be simultaneously better AND worse than what I was expecting!


For the love of christ



I am mildly obsessed with this page, I won’t lie.


:smiley: so glad you’ve introduced me to it. Love stuff like this. I went to school with a guy who’s like this and regularly stalk his twitter. Always on about “r kid” and how he’s reminiscent for “real music, with guitars”
Silly sod wasn’t even alive when oasis were big but that doesn’t let that stop him and in a way you have to applaud it


Ha! Likewise what I posted upthread was the straw that broke the camel’s back - ‘as far as I can remember, I always wanted to be a Mancster’ is apt because yer man is from Lincoln ffs.


I’ve really had enough of mobile phone bashing like this. You’re not being profound you dolts


Truly, truly stunning


I very much would like to know his opinion on his favourite Bluetones album and if he likes the song ‘Morning Afterglow’ by Electrasy. #realmusic


Responses to this are obviously amazing



I’ll do my very best to find out for you my love! :smile:


“Wank” has absolutely done me


I think we need to add ‘Britpop Detective Agency’ to our already thriving pub business.


Our business cards are going to have to be HUGE


Yes! Like those novelty cheques! Love it.


I have giant hands so I can combine it with a handshake no problem.