Terrible things people post on social media


I don’t believe that the 15-year-old Will only had a wank on a Friday night.


Sounds like a great night to be fair.


bwahaa just been to this site, and there’s a “donate” button.









I actually really like this.


i knew you would


It’s a bit much tbf but I whole-heartedly agree with the sentiment.


What’s worse when planning a get-together:

  • I’ll bring my acoustic guitar
  • I’ll bring Cards Against Humanity
  • I’ll bring someone you’ve not met before

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Yeah, the first 25 seconds of this video is good and made me laugh. The rest of it is irritating. Obviously shouldn’t actually be a thing people pay for, and I’m not one for saying things people enjoy are shit and they shouldn’t, but mehhhh.


Yeah, I think it pretty on point.


it wouldn’t surprise me if this is made by CAH themselves


It would surprise me, I don’t think they’re half as self-aware as people seem to give them credit for.


didnt watch the video, obviously


oh i don’t think that because of self awareness, just because they’d think it was great bants

I think I still have my CAH game somewhere :grimacing:


North Cornwall’s MP with a foolproof solution for knife crime.