Terrible things people post on social media


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#Oaais” has done me for some reason :smiley:



lend your support to the most beleaguered minority of all!


Bröther may I have some öaais


jesus fucking christ


Joe Rogan fans are really the thickets cunts in existence aren’t they?


So Caitlin Moran’s doing this thing asking for memories of early twitter

Reading the replies she is RT’ing I’m not sure I’m convinced twitter was ever better than it is now. Stephen Fry got stuck in a lift did he? Fucking brilliant 1,000,000 likes.


You sir have won the internet.


Yeah that’s why I didn’t have an account until 2013 or whenever







Yeah, the replies are all “that time a celeb did that thing”.



Yeah I remembered thinking twitter wasn’t for me at the time and this reminds me of why. A load of loud mediocre celebs being silly all day. No thanks.


Twitter has never been better or worse than it is right now

All them celebs and journalists don’t like it now cause they get called out for being shitters.


I remember when it was all manual retweets round here. You could leave your account unlocked and you knew the name of your local moderator. We looked out for each other. Not like nowadays.


Fucking STATE of that avi.




yeah I wonder if her article will acknowledge that Twitter might have been great for celebs to get indulged and fawned on a few years ago, but not so great if you were a no mark tweeting into the void



keith from etid responding :smiley: