Terrible things people post on social media

I think the point of contention is that swarthy means to have an olive complexion, whilst the mum has taken it to mean hairy as well. It also has slightly racist connotations - as you yourself picked up on, was once usually used to denote unscrupulous, untrustworthy figures.

Lot going on in there which I’m not going to unpick.


Yup, the olive complexion thing is/was my understanding. But people seemed to be bringing that into question, as an outright thing, separate from the ‘hairy’ part.

This is what I meant by overstretching. Unlikely that the kid has hairy pits, though not impossible, I guess.

Wouldn’t be unreasonable to note that darker haired, olive skinned people are perhaps more noticeably hairy in general than dark haired darker skinned people, or light skinned light haired people. A simple thing of contrast, that.

But the direct relevance of that to the hugging/tickling issue is, I would suggest, without further consideration (which I’m very loathe to indulge in), tenuous at best.

There’s a way of approaching these things. Come at it with aggro about how everything is a fundamental and linked signifier of oppression rooted in privilege. Or, as @ghosthalo says, consider the context.

But, again, I don’t know the whole story. And many many parents would deny there’s anything wrong with, say, the ‘Boys will be boys’ phrase. Even when it’s explained.

I have a thing about doggedly calling the green pedestrian light the green ‘person’. And when others don’t, it aggravates me. I don’t let it boil over cos I can’t be doing with the grief. But fair fucks to anyone who wants to stand their ground on everything they consider to be an injustice. So tiring, though. And, to come back to this specific case, taking apparent delight, as an adult, in ragging on an oblivious child seems mean, to say the least.

Ultimately this. No-one wins here.

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Run of the mill shitting up tactics repackaged as some kind of innovative idea / branding exercise

Nothing can just happen any more, can it?

Everything has to be A Thing.


If it’s just a thing rather than A Thing, how are you supposed to plug your Soundcloud?

Doll in the Hall

Doesn’t even rhyme!!


Lots of annoying bits but I’m really riled by “please keep up”.

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Puppet in the cupboard

* starts twitching *


I know, I know, it’s serious…etc


There was a kid in James’ swimming classes who at the age of four already had hairy arms and legs. I could quite feasibly believe (but never actually checked) that he had underarm hair too.



This reminds me of when I first got DVDs of shows like Buffy and you could finally just hit chapter skip to get rid of the credits…except there was at least one season where they fucked it up so you ended up 30s into the episode.

And then there were those wankers at HBO who put out Band of Brothers with a 2.5 minute boring intro sequence but just evenly placed their chapter markers about ever 5 minutes.


And butter was butter?


Shakes fist

Meant to follow this up to say that all kids have hair on their arms and legs at that age, although maybe it’s almost always very blonde so hard to see. Anyway, obviously nothing can be ruled out so while I can accept their child may indeed have pit hair,I feel like their attitude around it is then odd. Essentially it feels like they’re playing up to a certain ‘liberal’ stereotype in their posting and it’s a shame because it’s weird deflection from the main point which is this: no child should have to endure anyone invading their personal space and no child should be brought up to think it’s fine to do that. Weird mess of a series of Tweets, TBH.

life expectancy - 44

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Pure thick of it stuff isn’t it

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