Terrible things people post on social media


Perhaps she needs it most of all.


I keep seeing this post everywhere. I don’t understand, since when was it not?!


All changed these days. Only Halal history is taught now.


This genuinely stopped me voting

Well done Jonathon Hamblin, you lost at least 1 labour vote



The name of that farmer?

Marilyn Monroe.

Also “dumn”. Strong.



my local hippies shop that charges like £6 for a packet of cereal and stuff posted this earlier and someone replied to me…



I’m generally a fan of these types of shop cos they tend to sell good stuff you can’t get elsewhere. But there defo seems to be a high level of douchery in many of the people that run them.


There’s a thundercunt ‘personality’ called Andrew Tate who has started popping up on my timeline occasionally. From what I can gather, he’s a MMA fighter of moderate success who now has a sideline in doing bargain basement Milo/Katie Hopkins posts - slating feminists, ‘the left’ and vegetarians mostly, with a healthy dollop of Islamophobia. He screenshots the profile pictures of people who call him out on his bullshit and encourages his followers to insult them. The only thing more depressing than his content is the sycophantic responses he gets from idiot followers.
Genuinely don’t know how Facebook isn’t able to clamp down on this kind of thing. Click the link below if you want to spoil your morning (and then report obvzz.)


Yeah, gave up on that pretty quickly.

Not sure I’ve ever seen anyone be thick enough to miss the mark so widely as to say “a feminist is a failed woman”


In my experience new agey type people often end up in Alex jones conspiracy theory territory


anyone would think that being kicked repeatedly in the head for a living somehow reduces your ability to think rationally…


I’m a new agey type, and I can feel myself slipping into conspiracy theorism. Luckily, it’s of the Von Daniken sort rather than the Alex Jones sort - spaceships, ancient aliens as angels, lizard people… that sort of thing.


I’m susceptible to that stuff myself, not gonna lie


Just saw loads of (to me) totally incomprehensible “Love Island memes”; which I consider a personal affront given that I spend so much of my time being really melancholy and downbeat about the topic of love.


Why did I click that? Genuinely angry.


My ma is both a new age nut and a Tory.


A friend of mine has taken up running. She posts her marathon times and adventures. I think it is great for her and happy that she enjoys it.

She ‘liked’ one of her friends posts yesterday. It was some pictures of the girl clad in lycra running around. With text something like.

'Ran 3000 miles up 89 degree slope…setting a new personal best.
What did YOU do this weekend ’ (capitals hers)

I was sorely tempted to post.
'Got drunk with friends and reorganised my sock drawer, thanks for asking ’


Jesus Christ