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Weirded out by people who seem to have never encountered fitted carpet in a bathroom


Encountered fitted carpet in a bathroom?

  • Nope
  • Squelch, squelch, squelch

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I mean it’s not squelch squelch squelch at all. I think you generally get a waxed version put in and stuff, it’s not just normal carpet. Certainly mouldering isn’t an issue I’ve ever encountered with them in situations I’ve been around them.

But TBH the horror for me is piss from any blokes missing the toilet at all.

Typically it is the mark of an old person’s home or someone renting the home of an old person to you.

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Yeah my grandma used to have it before she moved to a bungalow. The carpet went right up the side of the bath!

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My childhood home had it, my parents still have it now. It is odd


My parents’ house had it when they bought it in 1991 and they didn’t get the bathrooms redone until like 2011. Maybe it was an 80s thing? I agree about blokes (and in my case, younger brothers) missing the toilet, plus a couple of times my brother blocked the toilet and made it overflow, how do you clean that up? But tbh I’m not a fan of carpet anywhere, because it is impossible to clean properly.

It never had any mould though.

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You had those toilet matt things to catch the splashes

I wonder if they are still a thing?

The ones that go around the base of the toilet? We’ve got one, i think it’s a bit minging but it does mean i can go for a wee barefoot in the night without getting my feet too cold.

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If urine has splashed on the floor where my feet go when I’m peeing, a. I’d be having words with my bf about his aim, and b. is it any better if the piss is directly on the tiled floor as opposed to on a rug?

Rugs aren’t wipe clean

I’m still wondering how the piss is supposed to be getting so far away from the toilet. I’m pretty sure my feet when I’m on the loo are further away from the toilet than the hypothetical source of the urine would be - is he pissing backwards or just standing really far away? Do men piss on their own feet?

The house I live in now. Both bathrooms, ooo check me, had carpet and when I lifted them they both had a rank circle of stained underlay underneath the carpet. Bleurgh.

To be clear, occasionally it happens, you get a wild stream or else there are simply drips directly down from where the stream begins. On top of that it can splash out when impacting the toilet.

Obviously in the ideal world it never happens but when you’re half asleep or under the influence there can be piss not in the bowl. The former is why I tend to piss sitting down if I get up in the night, tbh.

I mean on top of that, I would imagine, like the vast majority of us, your boyfriend would notice and clean the floor when this happens. But cleaning a carpet isn’t really going to work out…

We’re talking about rugs here and whether there is an increased risk of stepping in piss, so he could put the rug in the washing machine. I’ve never gone to the loo in bare feet and noticed the rug was wet, anyway! To be clear, while I’m not a fan of the toilet rug, i don’t think, as someone jokingly suggested, that it’s a pissy feet risk! Bathroom carpets are just all round impractical for many reasons

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Ah gotcha, rugs on normal bathroom floors.

Honestly I don’t know but chiefly I think it’s round the back of the toilet I consider the biggest risk of the occasional splash. The thing is you wash the normal tiles floor or whatever, it’s not going to matter but washing a carpet seems unlikely.

(Obviously our bath mat/rugs get machine washed too.)

My bathroom has a carpet.

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