Terrible things people post on social media


Things that you
do might cause
other stuff to
h a p p e n




I bought a

- Mistersteve


You should leave
out words from
a sentence if they don’t
add anything so I mean
you could omit them
if they’re not really
doing much I


Reminds me of padding out an essay to meet the word count back at Uni.


Someone I know has just had a baby and keeps liking mummy blog posts. This was today’s.


My kid loves vegetables, and I’m not mental.


What the fuck is this mum? Hurry up and take the picture for your social media and get the turkey dinosaurs that I fucking asked for


Yeah it’s not so much the vegetables thing (although there’s no way a 1 year old asked for fucking watercress), it’s more the “asking her belly” bullshit


It’s just mad. The kid’s going to grow up thinking that shit’s normal.


My body’s telling me I need to eat 4 triple chocolate Taste the Difference cookies from Saino’s.


My niece has a deeply disturbing pre-bathtime ritual that involves every adult in the house doing a dance and someone handing out marks out of ten. Obviously she has to win.

I’m really worried that she’s going to move away for uni in 13 years time and ask her housemates to participate or something and she’ll end up being sectioned.


that’s pretty much always what my body’s telling me!


Belly says: SHUT UP


too irked to eveven finish reading this

edit: oops


My mind is telling me no,

But my belly, my beeeeelllllyyyyyyy is telling me cress


Everything your
belly wants
is what defines
the food that

  • elthamsmum


Not social media, but this was send around 100 people today at work


27 years old, she is


My god, that’s brilliant.