Terrible things people post on social media


another way in which it’s terrible! as if he’s not even just making sure the kid gets there safely, but it was his mission to claim his soul.



Tell you what did make me laugh:


The bigger question for me, after viewing the clip, is how the stereo gained that much pace and height from that kick… :joy:


This guy’s Facebook page is batshit:


Flat earth stuff is the absolute BEST of the conspiracies.

It’s the perfect cocktail in terms of its scale, batshit level and utter, utter pointlessness.

Who gains from convincing people the world is round?

I love it!


Globe manufacturers.


“Just keep walking the plank and be sure to keep watching teLIEvision like good little idiots”



:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Actually, I think this might change my mind.



I cannot fathom a theory as easily disproved as ‘show me the fucking edge then’ being following by so many in 2017.


They’ve done Isaac Newton there tbh.


water always LIES flat

LIES, it couldn’t be more plain


I went looking for their answer to this, but the first question on the FAQ on The Flat Earth Society wiki is “1.1 is this site a joke?” and I’ve now fucking lost it in the office.


Aye but


This is one of the things that baffles me about it, it’s a big conspiracy and organizations like the UN don’t want you to know about it, however they have left some clues around for you to work out!


The arrogance of those UN bastards


It’s not a conspiracy foppyish, it’s just based on credible empirical evidence e.g. look outside, does that fucking look round to you? QED.

Also gravity doesn’t exist because physics is wrong, and what we feel as gravity is because the earth is constantly accelerating. It can be infinitely accelerating because special relativity says so, because physics is right.


What About the ISS and Satellites?

While one can see satellites in the sky at night, it is generally agreed upon that they are not actual satellites but pseudolites or stratolites put there to fool us.

Love this stuff.


They’ve contradicted you here, science boy:

Is The Earth Accelerating Upwards?

No. This is popular theory among some small groups to explain gravity, but it is problematic at best. The Earth Is Stationary. We are not whizzing about in space at 67,000 miles/hour or at speeds accelerating towards the speed of light.


I am so far down the rabbit hole with this guy now.

Currently enjoying “There was an episode of London’s Burning called Grenfell”*

and a commenter saying: “I was watching the video connected to this and my phoned screen flashed then the video record self-activated. The word Grenfell was the trigger”

*took me less than 2 mins to find out there was a character called Grenfell, but none of the episodes had names.