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You must be looking at one of the joke sites, pal.

The earth isn’t pulled into a sphere because the force known as gravity doesn’t exist or at least exists in a greatly diminished form than is commonly taught. The earth is constantly accelerating up at a rate of 32 feet per second squared (or 9.8 meters per second squared). This constant acceleration causes what you think of as gravity. Imagine sitting in a car that never stops speeding up. You will be forever pushed into your seat. The earth works much the same way. It is constantly accelerating upwards being pushed by a universal accelerator (UA) known as dark energy or aetheric wind.

Objects cannot exceed the speed of light. Doesn’t this mean that the Earth can’t accelerate forever?
Due to special relativity, this is not the case. At this point, many readers will question the validity of any answer which uses advanced, intimidating-sounding physics terms to explain a position. However, it is true. The relevant equation is v/c = tanh (at/c). One will find that in this equation, tanh(at/c) can never exceed or equal 1. This means that velocity can never reach the speed of light, regardless of how long one accelerates for and the rate of the acceleration.




I think this answers all your questions, guys.


I think this might be my favourite bit.

The traditional theory of gravitation (e.g. Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation, General Theory of Relativity, etc) is incompatible with the Flat Earth Model because it requires a large, spherical mass pulling objects uniformly toward its center.

Science must be wrong because it doesn’t fit my conclusion!


Fuck, even NASA are in on it. That’s perfectly flat.


How good would it be if the earth actually was flat though.


wait, did discworld rip off hinduism?


All this flat earth chat reminds me of this


Who or what is an Eddie Bravo?


It’s magnificent. I found one about Brian Cox, who they seem to think is transgender???


No, Discworld is an entirely original creation and any references or similarities therein to anything in history or in popular culture is purely coincidental.


Yeah, the angle is all wrong. It has clear downward trajectory in the first shot, yet is travelling almost horizontally in the coupon-hitting shot


Classic round earther stuff, this.


He beat one of the members of the founding family of Brazilian jiujitsu and opened up his own jiujitsu school based on innovative techniques and wacky nomenclature. He also loves conspiracy theories…and weed.


tbf I’ve never read any discworld books because they’re shit and someone at the Guardian said they were shit without having read them


I could get into this stuff quite easily


Poor old Coxy seems to get a hard time from them. Described as ‘a failed drummer from an 80s pop band’ in one post, which is wrong on at least two counts. Not sure I fancy trying to correct them on it though


I mean, that’s a compelling statement.


A few gems in here, “people are easier to control on a ball”


Easily answered that one…

The Flat Earth Society, along with previous notable flatists such as Samuel Shenton and S. Rowbotham, believe there is no end to the Earth and that it continues indefinitely.