Terrible things people post on social media


m9s, this is the floor at work. Does this look particularly curved to you??? If I put a tennis ball down it doesn’t roll anywhere! Science twats.


An absolute fucking genius grappler who:

-thinks 9/11 was a conspiracy
-has a healthy skepticism about the spherical nature of the earth
-is forever in fear of chemtrails


I wish mokes was here to have some input to this thread


I now really, really regret trawling through that page. Apparently the Manchester attack didn’t happen. Oh, and there’s no such thing as space.

Learned a fun new word though: “Nasatards”


can’t stop listening to this


thankfully i just clicked out of this thread so now I have stopped listening but I’m going to get a load of recommended videos related to flat earth aren’t I?


surely telLIE would have done it?


Maybe not. Maybe he tried the drums, failed, and then had to go on keyboards, and then the inevitable final transition to theoretical physics.






:smiley: what the fuuuuuuuuuck


Do you think she might be joking? As in, she was knowingly proving her own thesis to be true by posting an offended non-sequitur?


It’s in that area where it’s impossible to really tell how much is jokes and how much is serious. I don’t know enough about Moyet to really say for sure.


That was Weak in the Presence of TheoGB


My ex once refereed a netball match in which Moyet’s daughter was playing and Moyet was watching. Apparently her banter was very dry and deadpan.


Hey did you ever pick up that gauntlet?


Need the office to be quiet before I start rifling through the dweebs nerd shit.


pretty obvious that this is what it is, surely?


Maybe she was just All Cried Out?


I don’t know.