Terrible things people post on social media


I’ve long since stopped trying to make sense of whether things from people I don’t know are deadpan humour or just weird thinking, on Twitter, particularly because you get people who seem alright and then the go full moker over one issue.



Alf is very cool, and very funny if, as he_2 says, you like deadpan humour.


I know what you mean, and that’s probs a good policy in general, but think it’s pretty clear in this instance. the whole gag is that she’s made that observation and is then giving OTT responses to the joke replies. just have a gander at her other replies


am I dreaming this?


Yes, she’s definitely in on this joke.


None of this changes the fact that I expected a better, more Star Wars related comeback.


just got this one from the mum of someone I went to school with :roll_eyes:


This isn’t the first time you’ve suffered this particular flavour of disappointment is it Theo?


It’s rare your heroes don’t disappoint you when it comes to Star Wars.


I’d have responded “and I thought Theo’s jokes were shit [weird pause] on the outside”


Sorry, I’ll have a word with her



It was Vera, of all people.


There’s only one man who can solve this case.

Get me Sir Isaac Newton!


That isn’t a weird pause, Han is out of breath from dragging Luke in the snow and placing him inside the tauntaun.


pretty sure they’re hooves


She’s let the side down there Theo - weak comeback game from Moyet there smh.


Didn’t realise there was a flat earth discussion going on. They are 100% my favourite conspiracy theory nutjobs.

We had this yet?


This should be in the good things people post on social media thread, surely? I love it.


Oh yeah. More just additional flat earther fun


I got it.