Terrible things people post on social media


Clips from all those US current affairs comedy shows that people seem to think are funny like Jimmy Kimmel or something.

Right now my feed is full of Andy Serkis reading Donald Trump Tweets like Gollum, for example.


That is a quality clip though. I just find it weird as hell that Serkis can put on his Gollum voice at the drop of a hat (and also that it’s just his voice with no effects!)


It’s not really quality. It’s…okay. The thing is Trump’s Tweets are already ridiculous. You don’t need a stupid voice to make them sound silly.

Now if you took Tweets by David Cameron (say) and read them out like this you are making a point that the Tweets alone don’t make.

I dunno, I mean yeah he can do the voice without effects but I never really thought about that so…


There are two things I like about this post:

  1. Use of the phrase “current affairs”. Since it’s heyday on the 70s and 80s game shows it simply hasn’t had enough usage in recent years.
  2. Unconcealed disdain for shit US comedy skits on those programmes.


I’ve watched one of those and thought I’d skipped a bit or something


uh…i know i have…:lying_face:


It’s Colbert, so Trump stuff is par for the course - Serkis Gollum doing one of May’s interviews or something would be better, but what you gonna do. Hearing that voice coming out a middle-aged bloke is the #qualitycontent m8


Enjoying this far more than I thought I would in fairness


yeah it’s actually pretty good. shut up theo.


I don’t like it when I get tagged or mentioned in the comments of a random article or advert. Presumably so I will see it, find it funny, or take it as a massive birthday present hint. Annoying too when you want to read comments but it is just a list of people’s names, with a few emoticons at best.

That and competitions where you have to comment or share their company’s picture to win a meal out. One was suggesting they were giving away 25 motorhomes.

Probably the top thing that makes me want to leave Facebook. It is worse than chain emails and spam IMO.


My girlfriend’s on Facebook so she regularly shows me what I’m ‘missing out’ on. There was one thing someone had posted about how they had discovered, with the aid of The Science, that childhood vaccines are responsible for ‘changes’ in sexual orientation!


just browsing the old twitter there, and I’m pretty sure about 50% of the tweets on my timeline are tweets that people I follow have ‘liked’. I know that’s been going on for a while but I swear it’s getting worse.

I really properly don’t understand twitter’s reasoning for this one. So many of those tweets that show up are totally inconsequential and it just clogs up what I actually want to see and the people I follow actually want to share. VERY ANNOYING


Have you turned off the “Show me the best tweets first” option? I found it helps.


What twitter app are you using? The website does it, but the app I use (UberSocial) doesn’t.


im on the computer, no app just chrome

@eltham i’ve got that, still bad. Think this might be cos i always limit the amount of people i follow to >200 and twitter feels like I’ve not got enough CONTENT or something? If so this is an incorrect assumption.


got the <><>< symbol the wrong way round didnt i


So true :laughing: :joy: :joy:


Obviously I can’t post it because etc. But my wife is pissed off because some travellers have rocked up near school and her feed/wall/whatever (I dunno m8s) is full of predictable bigotry and fear mongering.

I swear the negatives of FB far outweigh “keeping in touch” with a few people you actually like (And even they seem to let you down a lot).


people just need to learn to be evil with the ‘mute’ function. My feed is only pretty much wonderful because i’ve unfriended or ‘switched off’ anyone else


I told her she needs to do that but she’s almost as big a Facebook noob as me.