Terrible things people post on social media


My feed is pretty boring as a result of this and I’m worried the awful ones were the ones creating interesting content.


Yep, this is happening more and more. It’s proper shite.

Also, I wish Facebook had an option to purge all shared stuff from your feed, leaving just posts with people’s own text and photos.

Third Facebook thing - I’m trending to only drop in once or twice a week and the neediness of the WELCOME BACK YOU HAVEN’T UPDATED YOUR STATUS FOR A WHILE stuff and the spurious email updates is quite funny.

Also, how the hell xylo manages to churn out that much #content is beyond me.


also as a flipside to the needy WELCOME BACK bullshit, the way it says congratulations for sharing for x days in a row…

it’s not like it was an achievement


Try FB Purity browser extension, it gives you a bit more control over what you see on there.


Yes. good grief, the amount of times I see people “liking” what is clearly a family photo of a friend of theirs Aunty’s birthday party or something. Gets a bit weird then.


There should be a special notification for ‘someone’s just tagged their mate in it’.

‘Suchandsuch commented on this photo’ is not an accurate portrayal of ‘suchandsuch wrote ‘friendsname lol’ on a post’, of which I give no shits.


So that’s why you never reply :’(


Guess who invited me to his house party this weekend.
I might give it a miss now.


Go in fancy dress as a homosexual, disabled, black, female James Bond…


I’m glad you didn’t blot out his name because he didn’t deserve it


Political correctness does have an excessive fondness for the word “retarded”, certainly.


Also, he has previous. And I really was too lenient on him just giving him a “yellow card” as I thought he’d eventually grow up and open his mind. Not so, think the last straw was the other day when he wrote “Transgenders, people in disguise” on another friend’s post trying to fund a charity ad about the trans community


He seems awful.


i never mute you. you are special <3


what an utter bastard


why on earth are you still friends with this person?


most guys are actually like this though, aren’t they?




He’s a “friend” of mine going back about 10 years in Clitheroe.

Weirdly, he’s always been fine with me IRL, and he’s never been judgmental i.e. about my Aspergers, and on first impression he seems relaxed, kind and open-minded. Thing is, he used to be a cocky practical joker type who used a lot of dark and un-PC humour, a bit like Frankie Boyle, Doug Stanhope, Jim Jefferies etc. But in the past it came across as funny because it was too distanced from what I thought were his true beliefs.

Unfortunately he has deep anger issues and gets very bored on social media and in recent years he’s become some kind of lonely Paul Joseph Yiannopoulos type posting very boring, attention-seeking cliches i.e. “Hahaha Trump won lol at all you fat ugly feminists.” As well as ignorant I’m also a bit embarrassed for him - I think he was desperate for attention as a child and he’s still trying to make up for it through taking advantage of and bullying people and cultures he doesn’t understand. He’s 35 FFS


I live 10 miles from, regularly visit, and half my family are from a town which elected actual undiluted racists into council seats 15 years ago.

Because of this I perhaps have higher-than-average patience to see the good in others come through, for people to improve and open their minds, in a “oh it’ll never be as bad as that again” way.

The sad irony is, this guy has regressed.

Time to do the right thing and block him indefinitely.