Terrible things people post on social media


yeah. good for you dude


That is the best full English i’ve had, since Gary Wilmot’s wedding.


This is so unpleasant, gotta say Martin whoever he is sounds like an utter hero.


He’s a lovely guy. Lives in Brighton but from round my way. Guitarist in every Clitheroe band from grunge to metalcore.

He hasn’t spoken to me for years though - I feel terrible actually, as circa 2011 I think he got upset about me and thought I was stringing him along when I made an April Fool’s Facebook post about being punched in the face by a member of Dear Superstar.

Yes, that Dear Superstar, and guess who’s bezzie mates with the one who “should be working in Games Workshop…”




Also, he says that James Bond script like it’s a bad thing when it’s the best thing to happen to the franchise since GoldenEye on the N64.


Today is already ruined.

Come back, all is forgiven, Pie-rates of the Caribbean!


Utterly brilliant.


Just got this.

11 days on the uptake.


Another family member gone full wanker.


As ever with these things, it’s the graphic design element I find the most irksome. At the very least, ‘TOWARDS’ should be vertically centred on the horizontal part of the red cross.

Semi-related - the English flag surely has to be, more than any other, the flag that ends up having the name of the country its representing written across it. As if those flying it need reassurance they’ve got the right one, or sutin.


For a number of reasons, this is one of the worst things I’ve ever seen.

I’ll let you dismantle the awful judgmental misogynist nightmare that is this post.


this is bleak, but also “hoover house = touch fanny” has really done me


Yes. They couldn’t have made the experience any less sexually appealing.

“You can touch my ‘fanny’ now”

“I’m…I’m alright thanks”


Hoover House
Touch Fanny
For A Whole Day

  • Old Blue Last, £8 (£7 NUS)
  • (Use front entrance)


wait this doesn’t even actually make sense


also the way it’s written leads to some uncomfortable reading across lines


Dudes, that’s the national flag of… Georgia.

Also, disappointed to see Alan Moore going far right.


(If you have an erection and don’t want one, the cure is Google Imaging the EDL)


Looks like “blow job” is included in the list of looking after the children tasks, best report them.